Carleton Connections was founded when the director began looking for work that allowed her the flexibility to be there for her young family and earn money at the same time.  

Working with Carleton Connections will allow you the same flexibility to be able to work around what you love.  

A message from the director

Woman with Laptop

After having my second daughter, I found myself looking around for a job that

I could take pride in, that fitted around my lifestyle, and that didn't take over my life.

I've always been conscientious and cared about doing a good job. I wanted something new that I could care about, learn new skills, and with the chance to progress.

My husband works full time, and we were looking for something that allowed me to earn, and still be there to look after our girls, as well as be able to spend quality time all together.

One of the jobs I tried to make work was waitressing; it was mainly evenings, fairly flexible, and the tips were always welcome!  But I found myself finishing at 1-2am, a 30 minute drive home (sometimes longer if there were late night road works) and crashing out in bed around 3am.  I'm the sort of person that likes my sleep, and as much as I enjoyed chatting to customers, I wasn't much fun getting through the next day!


This was when I found Arise.  A lot of large companies are moving away from having their call centres abroad - communication difficulties and language barriers becoming a common cause for complaint for the companies loyal customers.  Companies like Arise make it possible for individuals with a bit of space to use as an office and an internet connection to represent large companies as a virtual call centre.  Be it tech support, sales or online chat, there are endless possibilities and opportunities to work with large well established companies.  You can work in 30 minute slots, so can work around what's important to you and get paid for what you work, without the cost of commuting both in time and money.  

I started working with Arise as an inbound calls agent - taking orders, providing technical support, and general enquiries.  I have since moved to responding to written enquires, business to business calls and outbound call responses.  New opportunities are regularly available, giving you the chance to develop and learn new skills with roles such as live chat agent, quality performance facilitator and even training instructor - giving help and support to new starters!