Reasons to work with us:

#1 Freedom to choose

Many businesses are starting to see the

benefit of allowing staff to work from

 home.  But working as an employee can still restrict you, and keep you tied to a desk.

Working with Carleton Connections, you'll get the peace of mind of working with some of the largest companies, including the benefits of top level training and the chance to progress and take on new challenges.

You also have the power to be your own boss, choose your hours, and work around what's important to you.

#3 Fit work around what's important to you

The phrase "work to live" is one that's familiar to us all.  But it's not easy to find a job that really holds this sentiment.

Working with Carleton Connections, you can take control of the hours you work, and fit work around what's important to you.  Intervals can be booked in 30 minute slots, and are flexible to allow you to take control.

You'll be your own boss, where you make work work for you!

#2 Avoid the commute

The average commute in the UK is just under an hour (58.4 minutes)

Rail travel cost has risen twice as fast as wages over the last ten years

Long commutes impact our free time, our family time, and can impact our health and wellbeing. 


Cutting out the commute means you're able to spend less time working, and more of your time living your life

#4 Take charge of you

To work with Arise, you'll need to register as a sole trader.  It's simple, free to do, and doesn't take too long.  You'll need to consider consulting an accountant, as you'll be responsible for your own tax affairs.  Carleton Connections Ltd can recommend an excellent accountant if you'd like us to.

Being self employed can have some good financial benefits, including being able to claim allowable expenses, and reduce the tax you pay